Vote-Off #5 is running – VOTE NOW!

WVote-Off #5e are running another vote-off event to support and promote the community here. Four brave participants are letting members of this community vote off each item of their clothing. Every 24 hours, the participant with the most votes has to remove an item of clothing.

There’s no backing out. This event isn’t over until two of these people are stripped completely naked and exposed to us all. Your vote could help decide which two suffer that public indignity.

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Vote-Off #4 Launched!

Vote-Off #4The biggest event of 2022 (so far!) has just begun. Vote-Off #4 starts today. We’ve lined up FIVE volunteers and you can vote off ALL their clothes. Each round lasts 24 hours and the volunteer with the most votes at the end of the round has to remove an article of clothing.

This event doesn’t end until four of these 5 volunteers are stripped completely naked for all to see!

Get involved and don’t miss out on the fun. Who do you want to end up naked?

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Your vote could leave someone naked!

AVote-Off Event #3fter the success of the first two Vote-Off events, we just had to get a third event running. Now everyone can vote on which of these four brave volunteers must take off an item of clothing in each round. First participant completely naked and exposed is the winner!

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How humiliating must it be, knowing that you could be the next person to lose an item of clothing and there’s nothing you can do about it!