Here is our list of recommended links. Whilst we attempt to check them regularly to ensure that the targets have not changed, we cannot guarantee the validity or suitability of any links.


Experiment #1 Full report

The first Naked Experiment experiment session. Six people (three woman and three men) of various ages, get together for a series of experiments involving nudity in various ways and combinations. What will each of them think of being the only person naked in a group, letting someone else strip them naked, everyone being naked or having to stay naked when everyone else gets dressed?

This is the account of 7 situations involving nudity for one, some or all of the group, interviews afterwards and conclusions drawn from the results. 40+ pages of description with diagrams but no photos. –


A Measure of Curiosity

Nudity-based website featuring lots of girls taking off their clothes, being tricked into taking them off, having other women take them off in all sorts of different situations. Photosets and videos, indoors and outdoors.



Women playing strip games, both on video and in photo sets. Indoor games, outdoor games, shy players, exhibitionist players, embarrassment and forfeits.



A new site specialising in scenarios where one (or more) women are completely naked in front of other, fully-clothed women. Features both photostories and videos.


Body In Mind

Nudes with a wholesome twist. Beautiful images of women. Operating since 1997. It is well worth a visit to this site – you will be impressed!


UK Law on Public Nudity

An interesting document detailing police guidelines when dealing with nudity in public. Well worth a read.

PDF file here


Only Tease

If you love girls in uniforms and lingerie, this is just what you’ve been waiting for. Highly recommended.